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RIPE Atlas Probes⚓︎

RIPE Atlas is a global network of probes that measures connectivity and reachability across the Internet in real-time. These probes are mostly run by volunteers. If you host probe you will receive credits (see more about credit system) which can be later used for running your own measurements on the RIPE Atlas network.

This document describes steps that you have to follow to connect your router as a probe to the RIPE Atlas network.


To install the probe, go to the reForis menu Package Management → Packages and select RIPE Atlas SW Probe.

After that, you have to connect to your router via SSH and start the atlas service.

Enable and run the daemon by these commands:

/etc/init.d/atlas enable
/etc/init.d/atlas start

Probe communicates with Atlas servers via an SSH tunnel. The SSH key is generated after the first run of probe daemon.

After starting daemon, run get_key command to get the generated SSH public key. You’ll need this key to register your probe under your account on RIPE website.

/etc/init.d/atlas get_key

It takes a few seconds to generate the key.

Probe Registration⚓︎

To register your probe you have to have account on RIPE website.

Once you are logged to your account on RIPE website, fill the form on this link. Into form’s field Public Key copy the key obtained by get_key command.

See RIPE Atlas Service Terms and Conditions, if you agree with this, check it and click to the Submit your application button.


The configuration is located in /etc/config/atlas. It contains only one boolean option rxtxrpt that defines whether we want to send interface traffic statistics as probe measurement result.

Probe ID and Measurement⚓︎

After probe registration you should receive an e-mail with Subject Your new RIPE Atlas software probe is created, where you can find your Probe ID and link for managing your probe.

You can also use this command to get the probe ID:

/etc/init.d/atlas probeid

Measurement of your probe is accessible via the web (where is your probe ID).<ID>/

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