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How to set up data collection?⚓︎

The whole functionality is nowadays provided by Sentinel. You just need to enable the Data Collection package list in the Package Management tab and agree with our EULA via Data Collection tab in reForis. This will install and enable dynamic firewall and other selected data collection components.

Package Sentinel EULA

You can also install the data collection manually using command line (SSH):

opkg update
opkg install turris-survey sentinel-dynfw-client sentinel-nikola sentinel-minipot haas-proxy
uci set sentinel.main.agreed_with_eula_version=1 && uci commit

In both cases, few extra steps are needed to activate HaaS:

  1. Register on our website -
  2. There, in section My Honeypot click on Add new device. After naming it, you will get a token HaaS Device
  3. Add your token to the router using command line (SSH):
    uci set haas.settings.token="YOUR_TOKEN"
    uci commit
    /etc/init.d/haas-proxy enable
    /etc/init.d/haas-proxy start

Last update: 2020-12-05