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Interesting features to try⚓︎

If you are new to Turris project, there is plenty of stuff that can be done with it. Here is a list of just of few that could be generally interesting.


PaKon will allow you to monitor devices you have in your local network. Running completely locally, under your control at your home monitoring your data and not sharing those private information with anybody but you. Gives you better overview of your network traffic and lets you verify where are other devices uploading data and whether they are calling home.


Really easy way how to connect to your home from anywhere in the world, given that you have public IP address. If you do, you can setup OpenVPN server in no time and easily generate configuration for all your clients. You are just few clicks away from being able to access your whole home network from anywhere.


If you don’t trust big cloud providers you can turn your Turris into your own personal cloud. Backup your data, synchronize calendar and contacts and share data with your family members. All that easily and self-hosted at your home on your Turris with the help of Nextcloud.


There is also plenty of interesting stuff that has been done by our community. Check out our wiki to find out more!

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