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Turris OS versions⚓︎

Turris OS software is being released as a fixed set of packages for given version.

History of major Turris OS versions⚓︎

Major Turris OS version OpenWrt version Released Support terminated Compatible routers
1.x.y 12.09 (Attitude Adjustment) ~1.2.2014 17.2.2015 Turris 1.x
2.x.y 14.07 (Barrier Breaker) 17.2.2015 24.5.2016 Turris 1.x
3.x.y 15.05 (Chaos Calmer) 24.5.2016 7.1.2022 Turris 1.x, Omnia
4.x.y 18.06 5.10.2019 4.6.2020 Turris 1.x, Omnia, Mox
5.x.y 19.07 4.6.2020 19.10.2022 Turris 1.x, Omnia, Mox, Shield
6.x.y 21.02 19.10.2022 - Turris 1.x, Omnia, Mox, Shield

For more detailed list of changes and versions history please see changelog.

Versioning scheme⚓︎

Major version (5.x.y) denotes the OpenWrt version our Turris OS is based on. minor version (x.1.y) is released when some new features comes to the Turris OS, and finally fixup version (x.y.4) correspond with a fixes, security patches and correcting releases.

How to find out version of Turris OS on your router?⚓︎

There are multiple ways how you can find out version of Turris OS running in your router. Few well advised ways are described here.

In reForis web interface⚓︎

Navigate to router’s web interface (by default You should be greeted with list of web services running on router, please choose reForis. Next enter your password if requested. This brings you to the reForis interface. In left menu column click on ABOUT and look for the Turris OS version field.


You might be greeted with first setup guide instead of list of web services. In such case you have to configure your router first. Please see appropriate First setup section in this documentation.

reForis About

In Luci web interface⚓︎

Navigate to router’s web interface and choose Luci. Enter your password if required and you should be in Luci status page. Look for field Firmware Version in table with status of system.

Luci Status

Using SSH⚓︎

You can connect to your router using SSH and view file /etc/os-release. The easiest option is to just simply print it to console with cat /etc/os-release.

Alternatively for script usage you can source /etc/os-release and use variable $(VERSION_ID}. Example follows:

. /etc/os-release
echo "${VERSION_ID}"

Versions of Turris OS provided from factory⚓︎

When Turris routers are shipped from factory they are provided with stable version of Turris OS at that time. When you unpack new router or when you reset it to factory settings then it is running Turris OS of that exact version (unless medkit is used).

These versions have special form of support. For generic version there is limited window of time when update is guaranteed. Updates from old versions can possibly be problematic and Turris team can’t ensure compatibility with every single released version in past. The exception are factory versions. Updates from those should work and be tested in scope of base install (no additional packages).


Although factory versions are supported and update path tested it might not be smooth simply because of possibly long update or problems during update Turris team can’t do anything about. For best experience it is advised to always reflash router from flash drive/SD card with latest version of Turris OS.

List of Turris OS factory versions⚓︎

These are Turris OS versions flashed in factory and routers they were flashed to.

Turris OS version Used as factory for
1.0 Turris 1.0 1
2.1 Turris 1.1 1
3.2.1 Turris Omnia (CZ11NIC13)
3.8.3 Turris Omnia (CZ11NIC20)
3.8.5 Turris 1.0 and 1.1 after forced update 1
4.0-beta1 Turris Mox (early campaign SD cards)
4.0.0 Turris Mox (late campaign SD cards and early distribution)
4.0.1 Turris Mox (late 2019 distribution) and Turris Omnia (CZ11NIC23)
5.1.0 Turris Shield
6.0.0-alpha1 Turris MOX Wi-Fi 6
6.0.0-alpha3 Turris Omnia Wi-Fi 6

Deprecation of⚓︎

Old versions of Turris OS (up to 3.x) supported the portal. It provided information about threats detected by users’ routers using the old data collection system Ucollect.

Because of migration to the new security solution called Turris Sentinel, new versions of Turris OS (4.0 and newer) are no longer compatible with the mentioned portal. You can find various threat statistics on our new web Sentinel:view.

The portal itself has been archived and is available only as a static website. No new data from routers is processed here; all historical data has been dropped.

  1. Turris 1.x were originally sent out with Turris OS versions before 3.0 but because of DNS root key rollover there was a need to force update factory version in all of those routers. This happened with Turris OS 3.11. With this change Turris 1.x is considered to contain factory version Turris OS 3.8.5. Originally there was one more significant version of Turris OS for Turris 1.x and that was 3.7.3. This version was used to migrate from previous updater to updater-ng. With factory update to 3.8.5 it is no longer relevant. 

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