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Creating issues⚓︎

If you think that our software contains a bug or if you would like to request a new feature you can create an issue. Please follow the rules described below to allow us to work fast and keep maximum quality.

Issues are preferably created in our GitLab.

Generic rules for creating issues⚓︎

  • Before you start creating an issue, please look whether someone else hasn’t created such issue before.
  • Split complex problems or requests to multiple issues.
  • Choose the project which is related to your issue. For example, if you want to report a bug in the OpenVPN reForis plugin please use Turris / reForis / OpenVPN Plugin.
  • Try to create a self-explaining title. For example, use Failure to add IPv6 route on connect and not Bug in plugin.
  • Describe your problem precisely and thoroughly, specify everything what would help to solve your problem or understand your suggestion.
  • Be prepared to add more information on our request.
  • Use meaningful sentences and simple, well understandable words. Don’t use abusive language.

Reporting problems⚓︎

What should such issue contain:

  • Description of your problem
  • What you think it should do
  • What it actually does
  • Steps to reproduce
  • System info (such as the version of Turris OS and router revision)
  • The last action(s) before the problem occured (e.g. clicking to a button)
  • Other informations which could help to resolve the problem (e.g. error messages, log messages, screenshots…); sensitive data can be removed before of course

Requesting features⚓︎

What should such issue contain:

  • Description of the feature you want to add
  • Why do you want to add this feature
  • Other informations which could help to implement the requested feature

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