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NetMetr has been discontinued and is no longer available. Please use LibreSpeed instead. The following text is only for your information.

What is NetMetr?⚓︎

NetMetr is a tool for measuring the actual quality of Internet access services, such as download and upload speed and latency. It allows users to perform thorough and detailed testing and get comprehensive information not only about the status of their particular connection, but also analyze previous measurements and especially measurements of other participants. All data (excluding personal data) and source codes are released on the Open Source principle.

Installation & first run⚓︎

To use NetMetr on a Turris device proceed in these steps:

  1. Install the NetMetr package using Package management → Packages tab in reForis web interface.
  2. After successful installation new NetMetr tabs will appear.
  3. Go to NetMetr → Speed Test and click the Start test button to start a new test.

NetMetr Speed Test

After proceeding the measurement, its results are displayed:

NetMetr measurement results

Automated run⚓︎

NetMetr could be also started automatically to periodically benchmark your Internet connection. You can use a timetable to choose hours to run it.

NetMetr Timetable

When autostarted, NetMetr is not started in the exact times stated above, instead it uses a few minute random wait to load balance the server.

Collected data⚓︎

NetMetr server stores your measurements linked to the device so that you can view all the past measurements on its website. To view your results you have to enter Sync code which is displayed at the NetMetr reForis tab.

All the data are – after proper anonymization – also shared on NetMetr map and as an open data.


NetMetr can be used in Foris as well. Its user interface is very similar to the one in reForis.

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