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First steps after setup⚓︎

There are some settings that should be considered just after finishing the first setup guide.

E-mail notifications⚓︎

Various events in Turris devices can be notified not only in the web interface but also by e-mail. We recommend configuring e-mail notifications at least for “Reboot or attention is required”. See the Notifications page for more information.

Automatic restarts⚓︎


This section doesn’t apply to Turris Shield. Restarts after updates are managed automatically.

After some updates, it’s necessary to restart your device to apply the changes. We recommend restarting as soon as possible for maximum security but you can configure this feature to fit your needs.

Automatic restart can’t be disabled but you can change the delay (which is 3 days by default) and the time of day (03:30 by default). See the Updates page for more information.

Turris Sentinel⚓︎


On Turris Shield, Turris Sentinel is enabled by default. You can disable the thread detection part if you don’t accept the Terms of Participation. But the dynamic firewall is always enabled.

Turris Sentinel is an important part of the Turris devices’ security. We strongly encourage you to use it. See the relevant pages of our documentation. You can learn what Sentinel provides, how it works and how to set up it.

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