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First setup on Turris 1.X and Omnia⚓︎

Both Turris 1.X and Omnia were produced in several batches and the actual system you are starting from depends on which batch your router is from. Also as part of updates some old factory images were updated therefor depending on whether your router was online and updating, you might start from entirely different version as well.

But regardless of the image you are starting from, the basics are the same. You need to connect your computer to LAN port on your Turris router (see the labels on the back of your router).


You may also use your LAN to interconnect the computer and the router. But ensure that there is no (other) DHCP server in the LAN as it would interfere with the one in your router. There is no password during initial setup. To eliminate potential security risks, setup your router first, go through the update procedure and connect other untrusted devices only afterwards.


Make sure you use proper Gigabit Ethernet cables, i.e., Cat 5e or Cat 6 straight unshielded twisted pair cables with 8 wires (8P8C) to connect your devices to the Turris as well as your Turris to the modem or another ISP device.

Then start the router and open up a web browser and navigate to configuration wizard. It can be found by default on Older firmware do not support zero-conf, so you have to use IP address. Newer ones starting Turris OS 4.0 do, so you might be able to use http://turris.local. Once you enter the first setup wizard, you will be asked for a password, to configure WAN interface and whether you want to enable updates.

Disabling updates is not recommended. This documentation describes the latest version of Turris OS. If you have older version, it might be inaccurate. Apart from that disabling updates poses security risk as all the security and bug fixes wouldn’t be installed.


During an update or the first setup your router might reboot itself or it’s Web UI might become temporarly unavailable. That is part of normal process. Do not reboot your router, do not disconnect it from power supply.

Once update finishes, you will be redirected to the new reForis Guide and guided through the rest of the setup.


There is also a way to configure Turris Omnia over Wi-Fi by using a configuration file and a USB drive.


On Turris Omnia, you can download the latest medkit and flash your router via USB and therefore significantly decrease update time.

You can follow this tutorial on reForis first steps guide.

After your router is fully set up you can start setting up additional services. For some inspiration, you might want to check some highlights that we prepared.

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