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What is Foris⚓︎

Foris is the legacy router administration interface used on Turris devices. It allows to simply set up a router according to user requirements in both home and enterprise network. As a part of the interface there is also an initial setup wizard which helps users to make an initial configuration step by step.


Foris is not available on Turris Shield.

When to use Foris and reForis⚓︎

reForis is the new router administration interface. It is much more flexible and based on modern technologies. Currently, we recommend to use reForis on all Turris device with Turris OS 5.x by default.

There are two cases in which Foris is necessary:

  1. Devices with Turris OS 3.x (usually Turris 1.x devices or older Omnias not yet upgraded to Turris OS 5.x).
  2. If you need applications not (yet) available via reForis, e.g. PaKon.

Foris does not include all features. The only case when Foris is necessary is Turris OS 3.x where reForis is not (and will not be) available.


Since Turris OS 6.0, Foris has been completely replaced by reForis.

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