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Web interface landing page⚓︎

If you open the URL of your router ( by default) in a web browser it displays the landing page. It contains multiple large buttons (“tiles”) representing application which you can access.


The landing page doesn’t appear before the router is configured. The configuration guide is started instead.

You can click to one of the buttons to open the given application or to wait until the time limit expires and the default application is opened automatically.


Since Turris OS 5.2, the default application is reForis.

There are currently two applications always present:

  • reForis – the redesigned simple configuration interface
  • LuCI – the OpenWrt advanced configuration interface

Landing page with default applications

In dependence on installed packages, other applications can be available too (such as Nextcloud or Netdata).


If you prefer dark theme of the web interface over the default light one you can enable it using the Dark Mode switch in the top-right corner.

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