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The Administration → Diagnostics reForis page is intended to get the system logs and many other important diagnostics objects that can help us to investigate and resolve your problems.


If you come across any error and it is possible not to reboot the router, please don’t reboot it before collecting the logs. All logs are saved in the router memory, and they will be erased if you reboot.

If you just rebooted the router, let it gather some data first. Logs from a freshly rebooted router, which have been downloaded before the occurrence of the error, usually don’t help us to identify the cause of the error.

How to get information⚓︎

Various modules can be included in the generated diagnostics report. The modules, which are usually the most interesting, are disk-full, messages, dns, installed, and network. If the nature of the problem suggests that other modules could also be useful, you can check them.

Selection of modules

Then press the Generate report button. The process may take some time. When done, you can press Download to download the report. Multiple reports may be available, but they don’t persist over reboots.

Available reports

If you can’t find the diagnostics⚓︎

In that case, your router is, for some reason, stuck in some old version of the Turris OS. That is the first problem to solve: make sure you have updates enabled and your internet connection is working.


For more information about getting support from us, please visit the Troubleshooting → Support documentation page.

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