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Network Interfaces⚓︎

Network interfaces can be assigned to several groups (basically networks but one of these groups contains unassigned interfaces).

There are four groups:

  • WAN – It acts as an external network connection. It can contain at most one interface. The interface in this group cannot access reForis nor any other services of the device by default.
  • LAN – It acts as a local network connection. LAN should contain devices which are under your control and you trust them. Interfaces in this group can access reForis and other services by default.
  • Guest Network – It acts as a local network connection. Interfaces in this group can only access the Internet. See Guest Network for more information.
  • Unassigned – This group contains interfaces not assigned to any other group. These interfaces are not used at all.

Each wired interface is a member of exactly one group. Wireless interfaces may be in two groups at the same time (in the LAN and the guest network if guest Wi-Fi is enabled on such interface).

Network interfaces

Turris MOX can have multiple modules with network interfaces. If interfaces pertaining to more than one module are assigned to a group they are sorted by modules as displayed at the following picture:

Multiple modules with interfaces

Interface information and assignment⚓︎

Click to an interface. Information about the given interface will be displayed and you will have possibility to move the interface to another group. There are the following rows:

  • Network – The group which the interface is assigned to. Choose a group from the drop-down list and then press Save to change the assignment.
  • State – It displays whether the interface is up.
  • Module ID – The module where the interface is connected to (in MOX; Omnia and Turris 1.x have only one module).
  • Slot – The physical slot where the interface is connected to (e.g. 1 or LAN2).
  • Interface ID – The system identifier of the interface (e.g. eth0 or wlan0).
  • Type – The interface type (e.g. eth or wifi).
  • Bus – The system bus which is the interface connected to (e.g. eth or pci).
  • Link speed – The interface link speed; it is displayed only for connected wired interfaces (disconnected and wireless interfaces have N/A here).

Interface information


Wi-Fi interfaces cannot be assigned using this tab. Please use the Wi-Fi tab to configure these interfaces.

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