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What is reForis⚓︎

reForis is the new router administration interface used on Turris devices. It allows to simply set up a router according to user requirements in both home and enterprise network. As a part of the interface there is also initial setup wizard which helps users to make an initial configuration step by step.

Advantages of using reForis⚓︎

reForis offers an easy device administration which is meant to be simple even for inexperienced users. Doing a configuration from reForis is fully supported and undergoes heavy internal testing. With focus on simplicity, there might be a corner cases where you might need to use LuCI, but in general, those two should not clash.

Using reForis is simple, intuitive and fully responsive. After initial setup a router is ready and no further settings are required.

reForis also contains the notifications which ensure that users don’t miss any important event about their routers.

This simplified interface offers the variety of other features in form of separate plugins which can be optionally installed.

Previous version Foris⚓︎

Turris OS versions before 6.0 contained the previous administration interface Foris too. It has been completely replaced by reForis in newer versions of Turris OS.


It is powered by tiny layer of Flask and most of the functionality is done via React using Twitter Bootstrap as a base for styling.

The interface is modular, supporting various plugins that can be installed over the time by user to broaden the possibilities of what they ca do with their router. You can find sources of the reForis base as well as it’s modules in our GitLab.

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