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Region and Time⚓︎

It’s necessary to set your region and time correctly. The region (i.e., continent/ocean and country) is used for time settings and Wi-Fi regulations. The time is used for security purposes like the validation of certificates.


Incorrect settings may result to security risks, system malfunction, and violation of legal Wi-Fi regulations (and thus potential penalties).

Region settings⚓︎

  1. Go to the Administration → Region & Time page in reForis.
  2. Select your continent or ocean zone in the Continent or ocean pull-down list.
  3. Select your country in the Country pull-down list.
  4. Select your timezone in the Timezone pull-down list (it’s usually represented by the capital city of the given country or another important city).

Region settings


If you are unsure which timezone/city to choose, you can check the maps.

Time settings⚓︎

There are two ways how to set the system time:

  1. Automatic via NTP: This is the preferred method. Your time is continuously adjusted according to very precise time servers.
  2. Manual: Use it only if the automatic way doesn’t work. You will need to adjust the time occasionally through manual interventions.

The time servers for NTP adjustment are currently hard-coded. You can see them via the Show NTP servers list, but there is no way to change the predefined set.

Time settings

If you want to set your time manually, change the value in How to set time to Manually and then set the time in the Time field below.

When you are done with all settings in both parts, press the Save button to save your changes.

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