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Turris Sentinel⚓︎

One of the initial motives that led to the development of the Turris routers was to set up a secure gateway which would be capable of responding to current threats in almost real time. Turris Sentinel was developed to accomplish this task. It is able detect potential threats across the internet and provides dynamic updates to the router’s firewall and therefore significantly decreases their harmful potential.

Sentinel threat detection subsystem is an essential part of Sentinel. It consists of wide variety of tools that help to detect potential attackers - starting from simple firewall monitoring (firewall logs, fwlogs), minimal honeypots (minipots) to full-fledged secure shell (SSH) honeypots running at our headquarters (HaaS).

Based on the reports acquired by the threat detection subsystem, Sentinel is able to assemble a list of potential attackers recognized by their IP addresses. This list, commonly referred as to Sentinel greylist, is also available through another important part of Sentinel - the dynamic firewall (dynfw). Sentinel dynamic firewall is able to instantly deliver the updated firewall rules directly to your Turris router or other compatible system and keep your infrastructure safe from the attackers targeting your own router as well as from all the attackers reported by others.

You can browse the aggregated data we have collected through the Sentinel network on our web page called Sentinel View. You view detected attackers, the most commonly used passwords, country of origin and such.

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