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Turris MOX

The Turris MOX is a unique modular router suitable for small and medium enterprises, geeks and the households of all users who are aware of the internet’s risks. Thanks to its secure default configuration, automatic firmware updates and adaptive distributed firewall, the product is very secure. The Turris MOX is also open source – it runs a free Linux operating system (based on OpenWrt).

How it works?⚓︎

If you want something ready to go, you can get a Turris MOX as a complete set. Pocket Wi-Fi and Power Wi-Fi are for completely wireless solution but configuration is a little bit trickier due to only one Ethernet port. The easiest to configure and the most common configuration is Classic. That one contains both Wi-Fi and several Ethernet ports and thus is much easier to configure.

For more advance use-cases, you might want to build your own MOX. For that you will need the basic set MOX Start, decide what you need and pick from the list of modules and add-ons how to extend it.

List of modules and add-ons⚓︎

Official brochure⚓︎

We also have an official brochure with basic information about MOX and various modules, typically available on conferences and through our distributors. If you prefer one simple document explaining MOX over complex and detailed documentation, you can download it here.

MOX Brochure

Once you have Turris MOX, there are few additional things that you might want to read. Here is just a short list, more information can be found in this whole site.

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