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Turris Omnia⚓︎

Omnia platform⚓︎

Turris Omnia platform is a starting point for any of our powerful SOHO routers. It is based on Marvel Armada 385 CPU - dual-core armv7 running at 1.6 GHz. The current version has two gigs of RAM. It uses as main storage 8 GB eMMC. There are three miniPCIe slots that provide options for upgrades. One comes with a SIM card slot.

During the course of history, it was possible to buy Turris Omnia with just one gig of RAM and also without WiFi.

Turris Omnia main board

Network interfaces⚓︎

Turris Omnia platform has three physical Ethernet ports. One of them (eth2) is dedicated to WAN and connected directly to the WAN port. That can be either metallic or SFP. If you plug in the SFP module, the metallic port will get disconnected. If you unplug the module, the metallic port will be functional again. In Turris OS 3.X this can be done at runtime, on newer version changing the configuration requires reboot.


In Turris OS 3.X the names of the eth1 and eth2 interfaces were reversed. So in Turris OS 3.X, eth1 was the one connected to WAN. We had to rename them in Turris OS 4 due to fixes in the vanilla kernel.

The remaining two ports are connected to a fully manageable switch as shown on the picture below.

Turris Omnia network interfaces

GPIO and friends⚓︎

Turris Omnia currently sold in retail and all Omnias sold via Indiegogo campaign contain an extension header providing various embedded buses. There was a brief period of time, when connectors for those were not equipped. If you bought Omnia without the header, extending it is much more complex task than just adding the header.

Turris Omnia pins

Turris Omnia NO Wi-Fi⚓︎

A basic version of the router without any WiFi card. Suitable to be put into a rack or as a main connectivity gateway in a larger building.

Turris Omnia NO Wi-Fi

Turris Omnia 2020⚓︎

Turris Omnia 2020 comes with two WiFi cards to provide wireless connectivity. For 5GHz AC WiFi bands, it contains a Compex WLE900VX card based on Qualcomm Atheros QCA988x chipset (ath10k). To provide access to older devices capable only of 2,4 GHz it is also equipped with a Compex WLE200N2 card based on Qualcomm Atheros AR9287 (ath9k).

Turris Omnia 2020

Turris Omnia Wi-Fi 6⚓︎

The set of WiFi cards in this device consists of AW7915-NP1 based on Mediatek MT7915AN which provides 5 GHz WiFi 6. As a fallback for older devices with 2,4 Ghz connectivity, it is equipped with DNXA-97-H that is also based on the Qualcomm Atheros AR9287 chip. The only reason we are not using Compex WLE200N2 in Omnia WiFi 6 is that the card is no longer available.

Turris Omnia WiFi 6

Turris Omnia 4G⚓︎

This router comes equipped with a Quectel EP06 LTE card. After inserting a SIM card with no PIN, this device can connect you to the Internet via the CAT 6 LTE card or use it as a backup for your main connectivity.

Turris Omnia 4G



Omnia Wi-Fi 6⚓︎

Omnia 4G⚓︎

Omnia No Wi-Fi⚓︎


Various documentation files⚓︎


Other documents⚓︎

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