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Turris Omnia Revisions⚓︎

Turris Omnia router received during its manufacturing and public sale various little or even more significant changes. It is a list of revisions and notes on those changes from the user’s perspective.

To find the exact revision of Turris Omnia, you can look at the markings on PCB. In front of the board on the right side, just behind LEDs, you will see the code CZ11NIC**.


It is the first publicly available revision of Turris Omnia. It was sent to backers from the Indiegogo campaign and was also the first batch available in retail stores.

Routers from the campaign were provided to users in chassis of various colors and possibly even without chassis altogether as board only. In retail shops, the only available version was with black chassis.

Omnias were available with or without Wi-Fi and in configurations with 1GB and 2GB memory.


It was the first revamp of Turris Omnia. The primary change was that instead of two, there were four RAM chips on the board to achieve the same capacity of RAM.

Omnia routers were manufactured in this revision only in configuration with Wi-Fi and with 2GB of RAM.


Some of the routers in this revision are missing GPIO ports, as they were temporarily dropped because of problems getting the required parts.

As a minor but user-noticeable change, this revision introduced blue buttons instead of black ones.


Marked as Omnia 2019, Omnia 2020, and Omnia Wi-Fi 6 in retail.

It is the second revamp of the Turris Omnia board.

The user’s most notable change is the color change of the chassis. The previous black color was switched to metallic silver. It also comes preinstalled with Turris OS 4.X, while previous versions were starting from 3.X version and had to upgrade to 4.X first. Turris Omnia Wi-Fi 6 has preinstalled Turris OS 6.X.

This revision is manufactured only with Wi-Fi and 2GB of RAM, the same as CZ11NIC20. It also may feature blue buttons instead of black ones in several batches.

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