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Turris Shield screenshots⚓︎

Router overview⚓︎

Router overview

WAN configuration⚓︎

WAN configuration

LAN configuration⚓︎

LAN configuration

DNS configuration⚓︎

DNS configuration

Password management⚓︎

Password management

Region and time settings⚓︎

Region and time settings

Notifications configuration⚓︎

Notifications configuration

Reboot button page⚓︎

Reboot button page

Snapshots management⚓︎

Snapshots management

Diagnostics generator⚓︎

Diagnostics generator

Speed test results⚓︎

Speed test results

Speed test configuration⚓︎

Speed test configuration

VPN server configuration⚓︎

VPN server configuration

Management of clients for VPN server⚓︎

Management of clients for VPN server

VPN client configuration⚓︎

VPN client configuration

Data collection settings⚓︎

Data collection settings

About page⚓︎

About page

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