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Turris Shield⚓︎

Turris Shield

Turris Shield is a single-purpose device for everyone who wants to easily secure their entire home or office without having to change their modem or router.

Hardware-wise it is based on Turris MOX. The main difference is software and target audience. While MOX is trying to be as customizable as possible, Shield on the other hand tries to be as simple as possible while still being secure.


Turris Shield comes with Turris OS with several important tweaks by default. Setup guide is simplified to just entering your password which is immediately offline (without ever leaving the router) checked against the list of passwords collected from recorded attacks. From that moment onward, you are good to go and can connect to the Internet.

Turris Shield is also the first device to feature reForis user interface by default. It does not contain LuCI nor Foris. Automatic updates are enabled by default as is Turris Sentinel - key feature of Turris Shield.

Other features readily available include support for DNSSEC, OpenVPN (both server and client) or for example automatic notification of newly connected devices.

Available documents⚓︎

Schematics for modules that Turris Shield consists of are available:

Last update: 2020-12-09