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Factory reset on Turris 1.0 and 1.1⚓︎

Turris 1.0 and 1.1 routers don’t support rescue modes which you can see on MOX and Omnia routers. But there is a possibility to perform a factory reset and bring the router to the same software state as it was after manufacturing.

It should resolve all problems related to software and configuration, it also allows to set a new password. Generally, it is the last resort if less radical methods fail.


The factory reset removes all your configuration and other data!


If the factory reset fails it probably means that there is a hardware problem. In such case you can contact our technical support.

Performing a factory reset⚓︎


This only applies to the internal storage and is here rather for backward reference. The latest version of Turris OS (since Turris OS 4.0) does not run from the internal storage but rather from an SD card. The factory reset on the SD card has to be performed with the following steps. Use the approach described here only if you can’t access the router and be aware that this resets you back to the internal storage.

Your Turris has a red button at the back. Press and hold it for at least six seconds (until the power LED shines continuously). The progress of the reset is indicated by the LEDs. If they shine green the reset can be interrupted by unplugging the power plug. But if they shine red the reset is in progress and the router should not be unplugged.


If you accidentally unplug the router when LEDs shine red you will need to perform the reset again.

When the reset is finished your router restarts automatically and should boot to the factory state. It is indicated by LEDs. They shine blue and then green. If you can see this green light your router is ready.

Then it is necessary to set the password and reconfigure your router. Connect your computer to one of the LAN ports and open in a web browser. See the first setup guide for more information. If you have a configuration backup you can import it instead of the manual reconfiguration.


Although the first start guide asks for registration of your router even after the factory reset it is not necessary if already done before.

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