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What is Turris project?⚓︎

Turris project aims to provide open and secure routers through a combination of software and hardware development. These devices are designed to be truly yours and provide a high level of trust.


Turris OS version 4.0 and above is the primary target of this documentation. If you are still using version 3 of Turris OS, you can access the old official documentation on the community wiki. For more information on Turris OS versions, please visit the designated webpage.


Our devices feature open-source firmware that provides full accessibility to users. You have the option to review the code line-by-line, view the changes that we made, or even contribute your own modifications. Each device’s source code is freely available on our GitLab. In addition, you will receive a full root account, giving you the freedom to customize your device as you wish. Rest assured that we will not restrict your access in any way.

Along with the software, you get full schematics for your device to see how we built it.


We consider security as one of our main focus areas.

Safe defaults⚓︎

Setting up a unique password is the initial step in ensuring security. Thus, we do not allow internet connection without a user-defined password. We do not offer any defaults and require users to create their passwords. We also recommend that you password-protect your Wi-Fi, and we make it easy to create a separate network for untrusted devices. Lastly, our devices come with DNSSEC validation enabled by default for added security.


To maintain optimal security and functionality, it is important to keep your router up-to-date. We offer updates for all of our devices, which not only address discovered issues but also add new features. These updates can even be installed automatically for your convenience.

We are committed to providing long-term support for our devices for as long as the Linux kernel continues to support them. For instance, our initial router, Turris 1.X, which was a part of the Turris security research program launched in 2013, is still supported after a decade.

Turris Sentinel⚓︎

Our Sentinel security project, which monitors firewalls and detects attempted attacks, is an easy way to improve your security. We analyze information about potential attackers and share the results of our analysis with the security community. We update your router’s firewall with a greylist based on our findings.

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